Web Development has become an essential training, promotional, and branding tool for small businesses and organizations.

Cypress Ranch Management provides hosting solutions, web development, website and graphic design.

Hosting Solutions packages can include open-source Concrete5 Content Management System software than can be preloaded to manage your website.


Concrete5 CMS provides dashboard control that is user-friendly and manageable without requiring a knowledge of coding.

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Instructional Systems Design

Instructional Systems Design is the systematic process of developing solutions for training and education. Traditional development methods are based on ADDIE model (analysis, design, development, implementation and evaluation) or AGILE methods using the Successive Approximation Model (SAM) to develop instructional material for delivery in a hybrid or eLearning environment.

Some of the E-Learning/LMS Software programs that are available with a customized hosting solution:


Learn more about Moodle



Learn more about Claroline

Wikis, Blogs, Social Networking, and Portfolio software also available with customized hosting plans. Affordable, flexible hosting packages for educational institutions and small business training.

Customized Hosting

Full access customized Hosting for web development for your unique brand, plans can be tailored for your business or personal online presence with full support resources available. The preferred platform used by Cypress Ranch Management is the Concrete5 Content Management System (CMS).

Concrete5 is the choice platform because it provides the user-friendly inline editing and the dashboard access to your website that enables small business owners, managers, bloggers, or artists with control over their own websites.

Design services are also available at a reasonable cost for special promotions, multimedia art, or theme customization.

Logo Design, customized themes, multimedia production, and promotional art. Website design, hosting, domain management, and full tutorial support. 

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Talent Management

New employee orientation multimedia, online and hybrid training, evaluation, quizzes, documentation, and testing materials professionally designed for training new employees, volunteers, or managing the talents of your staff.